Costa Rica Surfing

Pura Vida Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a surfers’ paradise, drawing surfers from around the globe. One of the greatest attractions is the diversity and consistancy of the surf, not to mention the year round balmy water temperatures. The Caribbean and Pacific coasts both offer a variety of breaks. Though the Caribbean coast has a relatively short season, the Pacific Coast boasts a year-round swell from both the north and the south.
For surfers seeking to secure their own piece of Costa Rica surf paradise, it’s possible to purchase Costa Rica real estate near some of the best Pacific Coast surf breaks.  Regardless of which months you stay in your Costa Rica property, you’ll be sure to catch some great waves. Here’s a brief overview of surfing the Central Pacific Coast in Costa Rica:

Central and South Pacific Coast – Surfing in Hermosa and Jaco

The best time to surf the Central and Southern Pacific coast is during Costa Rica’s winter season, June to November. Jaco, an established beach town about two hours drive from San Jose, is a popular spot with surfers. Jaco provides easy access to constant beach breaks at Playa Hermosa and nearby surfing beaches.
For surfers venturing further south along the coast, Playa Dominical is the next major destination. The river mouth has good left and right breaks, and other points are accessible up and down the beach.
Pavones, near the Osa Peninsula, boasts one of the world’s longest left breaks. The prime time to surf Pavones is between August and September. Although the weather can be very wet, and the roads muddy (a 4×4 is highly recommended for travel along the Central and Southern coastline), the surf is well worth the effort.